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Sunton ESP32-S3 5/7 inch IPS/TN with Touch


The Sunton ESP32-S3 5/7 inch 800*480 IPS with Touch, as the solution for two types of large screens. They give the developer good experience while they are learning to use.

Compared with Sunton ESP32-S3 4.3 inch 800*480 IPS with Touch. There is an update on the 5" and 7" versions, that an I2S audio amplifier MA98357 is added, so the 5-inch or 7-inch display can directly drive 3.2 Watts of power into a 4/8 ohm impedance speaker, to make it suitable for more applications. They maybe are some good choices for you achieve your IoT design scheme.

Please pay attention that The Sunton ESP32-S3 5 inch 800*400 IPS with Touch and 7 inch TN Display with Touch are different from the I/O pin of the screen dirve.




  • ESP32-S3-WROOM Controller
  • Working voltage 4.75-5.25V
  • Resolution: 800*480 ,with Parallel RGB-565 interface, FPS >70
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Onboard SD card socket
  • Dimension: 5 inch(IPS) / 7 inch(TN)
  • Extended IO for applications' usage
  • I2S Audio output (MAX98357A/MAX98357B)


Note: When users use the Sunton ESP32-S3 7" 800*480 TN Display with Touch, please check the version of the board. The board have been update the version

SuntonESP32S3 7 inch Version.jpg

If the version of Sunton ESP32-S3 7" 800480 TN Display with Touch is v1.0. The demo code is V1.0 music_picture code*

If the version of Sunton ESP32-S3 7" 800480 TN Display with Touch is v1.1. The demo code is V1.1 music_picture code*

Software setup

To ensure the compiling environment, the same version is recommended.

All the projects are based on ESP32-S3 development board.

1.Install the Arduino IDE V1.8.19.

2.Install the ESP32 boards supporting V2.0.5

SuntonESP32S3 7 inch install.jpg

3.Click“Tools>Board>Boards Manager”to search for and install the ESP32 library:

SuntonESP32S3 7 inch boardversion.jfif

4.Click “Sktech>Include Library>Manage libraries” to search for and install the library about this program:

SuntonESP32S3 7 inch libversion example.JPG

5.Select and set the parameter in the Tools menu, as the picture:

SuntonESP32S3 7 inch config.jpg

Note: Different PC has different Serial COM number.

Test demo

The demo is all based on the Arduino_GFX library as the basic application. This library supports various commonly used driver chips, such as ST7735, ST7789, ILI9341, etc, and has good compatibility

Download the ZIP File of 5 inch or ZIP File of 7 inch, then UpZip it. In this file, it has all the demo code in this file.

  • Copy all the files in the SD card file to the SD card. When the program running, those files will be read and displayed in the board.

  • Connect the board as follows.

  • Open the Lib file and copy all the files to the Arduino library of your computer.
  • Open the music_picture.ino. Verify and upload it.
  • After uploading, the screen will be displayed as follows.


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