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Mabee Soil Moisture


We know that soil moisture is important for the plant growth. The Capacitive Soil Moisture is designed for it. The capacitance is changed by the change of dielectric constant caused by the change of humidity between the two plates. The capacitance can be measured by 555 classical circuit. Please note that the sensor can only measure the relative humidity of the soil, and can not measure the accurate soil moisture value!




  • Operating voltage: 3.3V~5V
  • Mabee compatible interface
  • Interface: HY2.0-4P


hardware assemble

Mabee Soil Moisture connected to ESP32-S3 Parallel TFT With Touch 3.5 ILI9488 board as follows.


Software setup

Note: It maybe appears different results in another version, the same version is recommended.

1.Install the Arduino IDE V1.8.19.

2.Install the ESP32-S3 boards supporting package V2.0.5

3.Select and set the parameter in the Tools menu, as the picture:


Note: Different PC has different Serial COM number.

ADC Test Demo

1.You can get the source code from GitHub

2.Open the file >>example>>ADC.INO

3.Verify it and upload

4.After uploading, you will see the Serial Monitor as follows.

VID_20230324_170537 00_00_0000_00_30.gif

①The sampling value of the ADC before the sensor is placed in the water. ②The sampling value of the ADC when the sensor is partially placed in water. ③The sampling value of the ADC when the sensor is fully submerged。


When the sensor enters the water slowly, the ADC sample value changes as the humidity changes, which allows us to use this property to calibrate the relative humidity in the soil.


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