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ESP32-S3 Round SPI 1.28" TFT with Touch


The ESP32-S3 round display with touch can be a great tool for your applications such as smartwatch.

We selected the ESP32-S3 generation as the controller, with 16MB Flash and 8MB PSRAM, enough for most IOT applications; The round display is 240x240 resolution 1.28", colorful RGB, with capacitive touch, it communicates with ESP32 with SPI interface, so there enough GPIO left for expansion applications.

There 2 Mabee(Grove compatible) connectors, with standard GPIO and I2C bus, so users can freely to connect expansion modules for application development. Besides, 16G TF card is added to the board, for field application storage.



  • Controller: ESP32-S3
  • Wireless: WiFi& Bluetooth 5.0
  • LCD: 1.28", 240*240 resolution, driver GC9A01
  • resolution 240*240
  • LCD interface: SPI
  • Touch Panel Driver: CST816S
  • USB: USB Native
  • Power Supply: USB Type-C 5.0V(4.0V~5.25V); 3.7V Lipo battery
  • Button: Flash button and reset button
  • Mabee interface: 1I2C; 1GPIO
  • MicroSD: Yes
  • Arduino support: Yes
  • Operation temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
  • Flash chip: w25q128jv
  • 1.25mm,1x2P(BAT)
  • 1.25mm,1x4P(J1/J2)


MaTouch_ESP32S3_Round_SPI _TFT_with_Touch _1.28.png


To ensure the running environment, the same version is recommended. All the projects are based on ESP32-S3 development board. If you didn't install the ESP32 Board SDK, you can follow this guide to learn how to do it.

Before uploading the sketch, select and set the parameter in the Tools menu, as picture:

Note: Different PC has different Serial COM number

LvglBenchmark demo

This demo can test the fresh rate of the screen in the 240*240 resolution ratio.

Before users verify and upload the sketch, please installed the My_Lvgl library in the Arduino IDE.

1.Download the MF_Lvgl library.

2.Open the sketch>include library> ADD.ZIP library

Users' Arduino libraries need to install the following lib. The preceding figure shows the installation procedure. Using Arduino IDE's library will cause compilation errors!


3.Choose the download path of MF_Lvgl and unzip the library.

4.Verify and upload the sketch.


  • You can refer to the image below for related library versions


5.After uploading, the screen will be displayed as follows.


GIF display demo

In this demo, users can see the display result on the screen, touch the screen to change the GIF diagram

  • Open the GitHub and click >>example>>s3_round_gif.

  • Download the gif file and put them in the sd card.

  • Click the sketch>>include library>>Managem Libaraies. and installes the CST816S and GFX_Library_Arduino library.

  • Verify and unload the code.


  • You can refer to the image below for related library versions


  • After uploading, the screen will be displayed as follows.

VID_20230217_111650 00_00_0000_00_30.gif

If users want to understand more display effort with ESP32-S3 Parallel 4.0 TFT with Touch, click the following video and watch it.


You can list your question here or contact for technology support. Detailed descriptions of your question will be helped to solve your question.

  • Q: Why the display fails to respond sometimes I touch?

  • A: The touching interface is loose, please reconnect it.